Dashama is a yoga, health and happiness expert with books, DVDs and online training programs distributed world wide. She is the founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute, leading 200 and 500 hour level yoga teacher trainings and retreats globally. Creator of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge ™, Dashama is a trend setter having initiated the global online yoga challenge movement starting in 2008. Dashama was a featured speaker for International Day of Happiness at the United Nations in 2016 and has worked with fortune 500 companies including Nike Global Leadership Summit and Sony Motion Picture Studios. She has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel as well as in Fitness, Shape, Self, Cosmo, Teen Vogue, and the Wall Street Journal to name a few. Her style of yoga is both healing and transformational, accessible for all levels of practitioners, the practices are focused on restoring the body to a perfect balance of strength and flexibility while relieving all pain to achieve a state of inner peace, clarity and joy. Often referred to as the Anthony Robbins of Yoga, her training programs also focus on releasing past traumas, addictions, mental, emotional and physical blocks to access the infinite potential that exists within you. To learn more about her yoga teacher trainings and retreats visit

To take your yoga journey to the next level join her global online community at Dashama.com or join the 30 Day Yoga Challenge at 30DYC.com.

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  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 1 - Flow State Guided Meditation

    Release all stress and concern and relax your mind to allow the energy of flow to carry you into a greater sense of inner peace, health & vitality in just a few minutes! Available for all Levels.

  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 2 - Flow State Bliss Breath

    Breath is your connection to spirit, and has the power to dramatically improve your mood and energy. Try this powerful yet simple breath practice each day to experience bliss and joy in your heart and mind. Available for all Levels.

  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 3 - Self Love & Confidence Affirmations

    You are a magnificent being destined for greatness, so it's important that you know that deeply within your heart, mind and soul. Say these affirmations out loud daily and or just listen as I share them and allow the new sense of personal empowerment and confidence to become your new reality.

  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 4 - Forgiveness & Love EFT

    Hawaiian tradition is to forgive and appreciate all beings whom we come into contact with. Try this powerful prayer of healing to create more love and flow between you and all your relations to create a greater life of flow, abundance, health and joy!

  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 5 - Visualization Meditation

    You must see in your mind's eye your most successful, prosperous, healthy and joyous version of yourself in order for it to manifest in your life. This is one of the cornerstones of the teaching at Flow State Institute. Practice daily and watch your life transform. Available for all Levels.

  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 6 - Flow State Yoga Sun Salutations

    Emotion is energy in motion. Movement of energy not only raises your vibration, keeps you youthful and agile, but can help to alleviate or prevent any pain or injury. Try this yoga flow daily for optimal health. Available for all Levels.

  • Dashama 7-Day Flow State Challenge: Day 7 - Chakra Kriya to Clear Stuck Energy

    Kundalini Kriyas are yogic cleansing practices that help to unblock stuck energy and restore your vitality, energy and raise your vibration for optimal health. Practice this powerful kriya anytime you feel low or stuck energy for immediate results. Available for all Levels.

  • Dashama: Bed Yoga - Morning Energizer

    A great way to start your day is to do a few yoga poses in your bed. In this sequence, Dashama teaches you how to do an energizing sequence, incorporating some backbends and core strengthening practices. This is an all levels practice. If you have back pain or injury, please be cautious and liste...

  • Dashama: Breathwork Pranayama

    In this practice you will learn several powerful yoga breathing techniques, each designed to help you connect to your energy in a different way. Open to all levels of ability, practice mindfully and always listen to your body.

  • Dashama: Qi Flow Yoga

    Chi aka Qi is another term for Prana, the sacred energy that flows through you in connection with the creative force of the universe. This practice works with second chakra energy of emotions and the water element and will leave you feeling peaceful, open, balanced and at harmony.

  • Dashama: Bali Booty Shake

    Everybody likes to have a nice booty! This video is created specifically to tone and a lift the gluteus maximus medius and minimus. These muscle groups are instrumental in preventing lower back pain and injury, and connecting the hamstrings and lower body muscle groups with lower back and upper b...

  • Dashama: Morning Yoga - Energy

    This practice will get your energy flowing in a positive uplifting practice to start your day out on a great note. Open all levels of ability, this practice is challenging physically and is a great work out, at the same time will leave you feeling balanced and peaceful to have the best day ever.

  • Dashama: Shoulders Openers

    In this video you learn a variety of shoulder openers to release tension, stress and pain to open the heart to create fluid happy shoulders and upper back.

  • Dashama: Bed Yoga - Belly Massage and Relaxation

    You can heal yourself with these simple self massage techniques. You can do these in your bed or any comfortable platform. Try not to eat within an hour or 2 before this session. Remember to connect with your breath to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Dashama: 6 Minute Dancer and King Dancer

    Dancers pose is an intermediate to advanced standing balance pose. In this tutorial, Dashama will guide you through both variations. Variation 1 will prepare you for variation to 2. You may benefit from just watching to start, then try it if you feel ready. As always, listen to your body and stay...

  • Dashama: 6 Minute Scorpion and Coconut

    In this advanced yoga tutorial, Dashama will instruct you how to safely practice scorpion pose, starting with dolphin, forearm balance, and progressing to the full pose. This is a playful variation to show how you can drink a coconut while you are in this pose :) Be sure to listen to your body an...

  • Dashama: 4 Minute Wildthing

    Wild thing is a fun playful backbend. This video tutorial is designed for those who are experienced with yoga backbends. You will start in downward facing dog or side plan and transition from there. Be sure to listen to your body and stay connected to your breath. 

  • Dashama: Self Massage Yoga

    Self massage is a form of self-love. In our hectic and busy lifestyles we don't always have time to hire a massage therapist. This sequence will help you release tension and stress from your body and emotions.

  • Dashama: Running Man

    In this powerful core training practice, Dashama demonstrates how to strengthen your core while learning how to float your feet forward and back. Open to all levels, although this is a more challenging practice, so listen to your body and as always, remember to breathe.

  • Dashama: Neck Healing

    This video is specifically created to help you to heal your neck muscles, shoulders and upper back area. Find a quiet place to practice and remember to listen to your body and stay connected to your breath.

  • Dashama: Eyes Closed Vinyasa

    In this all levels vinyasa yoga session, Dashama guides you through a full practice of Pranashama yoga with eyes closed. This will test your balance and stability, as well as allow you to tap into your intuitive sense, the 6th sense, that can see without seeing, being guided by spirit and the oth...

  • Dashama: Mermaid Pose

    Mermaid pose is a great way to open your shoulders, hip extensors and quadriceps. You should warm up before doing this pose, with some sun salutations to prevent injury. Remember to listen to your body and stay connected with your breath. If this is too challenging for you, start with a block und...

  • Dashama: Bed Yoga - Stress Release from Hips and Shoulders

    In this short video, Dashama teaches you how to stretch your hips and shoulders and relieve stress in the comfort of your own bed. You can do this at home, when you travel (hotels) or off the bed on the floor or yoga mat. Remember to listen to your body and stay connected with your breath. For al...

  • Dashama: Lower Back Pain Relief

    This sequence is specifically designed to help heal and balance the lower back by strengthening and stretching the appropriate muscle groups to support a healthy happy back. This sequence is created for all levels of ability and even people without lower back pain will benefit from this practice.