Workouts by Modality & Targeted Areas

Workouts by Modality & Targeted Areas

Workouts by Modality & Targeted Areas
  • Abs / Core
    48 videos

    Abs / Core

    48 videos

    Get 6 pack abs and a washboard stomach with these core intensive workouts from top celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels, Zuzka Light, Kenta Seki, and more.

  • Ballet / Barre

    36 videos

    Hit up a different kind of bar! Shed your sneakers and get an insane body with these ballet-inspired workouts that focus on strength, balance and posture.

  • Boxing / Kickboxing / MMA

    17 videos

    Blast fat with these fun and insanely effective workouts. From Mixed Martial arts and kickboxing to traditional boxing, FitFusion has your favorite fight based workouts with all your favorite coaches.

  • Buns N Thighs

    42 videos

    Get lean legs and a bangin’ booty with these killer lower body workouts!

  • Cardio
    143 videos


    143 videos

    Pure cardio workouts of all kinds for athletes of all levels to incinerate calories and burn fat.  You can ‘Walk at Home’ with Leslie Sansone or interval train with Zuzka Light.  However you choose to get your sweat on, FitFusion’s got you covered.

  • Chest / Arms / Back

    39 videos

    If you're looking to develop a stronger and more defined upper body these workouts get it done. Try ‘Killer Arms & Back’ from Jillian Michaels, 'Back & Biceps' from Bemax Fitness, 'Total Body Sculpt - Arms & Shoulders' from Caroline Pearce, and many more upper body workouts from the world’s top ...

  • Dance
    47 videos


    47 videos

    Burn those calories to a beat! Dancing is a great and fun way to train your body and mind. From ballet to hip hop to Bollywood— and everything in between— explore the world of dance here.

  • HIIT
    45 videos


    45 videos

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout videos to effectively boost metabolism and get your heat rate pumping.

  • Indoor Cycling

    29 videos

    Work-up a sweat and cycle around the world without leaving your home with our destination-themed instructional indoor cycling videos by Induro Cycling.

  • Pilates
    51 videos


    51 videos

    Sculpt long and lean muscles, improve core strength, and improve flexibility with FitFusion’s rockstar pilates instructors.  Check out Cassey Ho and Pop Pilates, Erica Ziel, and Piloxing to name a few!

  • Pre / Postnatal

    60 videos

    Stay strong, fit, healthy and energized during pregnancy and after baby with more than 50 workout videos for mommies of all levels.

  • Stretch And Restore

    34 videos

    Unwind with our instructional step-by-step videos to help you rebalance and improve flexibility.

  • Total Body Training

    58 videos

    Complete total body workouts to boost metabolism, scorch fat, and get you in insane shape. Check out our Tone and Shred workouts with Jillian Michaels and The Tone It Up Girls exclusively on FitFusion.

  • Yoga
    115 videos


    115 videos

    Energize, stretch, and strengthen your body one breath at a time with your favorite yoga gurus like Tara Stiles creator of Strala Yoga, Dashama and others!

  • Meditation
    51 videos


    51 videos

    Reduce stress and increase your well-being with mindful meditation practice. Start to feel the benefits after just 10 minutes!

  • 10-Minute Workouts

    108 videos

    Time's tight! Work your total body & mind in 10-minutes or less with over 100 videos in exciting modalities to choose from. Stream workouts for your abs, lower body, and upper body, and choose from yoga, Pilates, dance, and meditation from Jillian Michaels, Bemax Fitness, Caroline Pearce, Leslie ...