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Watch BODYSHRED Cast: Jaime

Watch BODYSHRED Cast: Jaime


Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ • 39s

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  • Launch Workout 1

    Start off strong with the basics to build up endurance, agility, balance and core strength to prep your body for upcoming workouts. This workout focuses on muscles with a “push function” (chest, shoulders, arms, quads) as well as HIIT training and core conditioning to blast fat and build a lean ...

  • Cardio Workout 1 Fire Up

    A moderate intensity cardio workout that allows the muscles optimal recovery time to recover and rebuild while simultaneously conditioning the cardiovascular system and delivering a killer calorie burn.

  • Cardio Workout 2 Ignite

    This workout will make you the most fit you have ever been, challenging your endurance to its max taking you to your ultimate potential. You’ll incinerate crazy calories per minute by cranking out this fast paced, high-energy, high-impact cardio workout.