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Watch this video and more on FitFusion

BODYSHRED™ Dumbbell Training with Keith Johnson



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    Heart pumping killer MMA inspired kickboxing workout to incinerate calories and dramatically improve your physical conditioning.

    In this MMA workout, Natalie Yco takes you through an authentic MMA-style kickboxing workout to increase your strength, stamina and agility. For this workout, you'l...

  • BODYSHRED™ Ripped Core with Kenta Seki

    Stability Ball training for superior balance, stability, core strength and shredded abs!

    In this Ripped Core workout, Kenta Seki helps you increase balance and build major core strength in this challenging stability ball circuit workout. For this workout, you'll need a stability ball and an ex...

  • BODYSHRED™ Rebalance and Recover with...

    A recovery based workout incorporating myofascial release and dynamic stretching to maximize mobility, flexibility, injury prevention, and workout recovery.