Lindsay Bushman

Lindsay Bushman

Hey there! My name is Lindsay. I truly enjoy teaching everything in the realm of physical activity. I grew up dancing at Mark Spivak's Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. Nowadays, I love yoga, camping, hiking, art, mini trampolining and being a big sister! If I have one goal in my professional life it would be to inspire active living in today's youth. I completed my 450 hour pilates certification, 200 hour RYT, and I am a certified Pre and Postnatal Instructor. My passion for movement will inspire you to achieve your goals! Let’s do this!

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Lindsay Bushman
  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 1

    Day 1: 35 Minute Full Body with Weights

    Welcome to the 7-Day Pilates Body series in Hawaii with Lindsay Bushman!

    This week-long workout challenge will get you toned and sculpted just in time for Spring and Summer. You'll need a mat and a pair of 2 lb. dumbbells for this workout. Enjoy the beaut...

  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 2

    Day 2 of the 7-Day Pilates Body series is Leg Day! This workout includes feet and ankle strengtheners, as well as ISOMETRIC holds to turn the heat UP on this workout. Burn booty, burn! For 45 minutes you'll tone, strengthen, and stretch your lower half while gazing at the beautiful beach in Waile...

  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 3

    Welcome to Day 3 of the 7-Day Pilates Body series in Hawaii! This 38-minute workout is all about the arms: you'll focus on lengthening and toning the upper body with light 2 lb. dumbbells with a major emphasis on the triceps, shoulders, back and posture. Remember: you can always perform the exerc...

  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 4

    It's Day 4 of your 7-Day Pilates Body Challenge and the focus is all about the lower abdominals and pelvic stability. You'll work an imprinted spine and a posterior pelvic tilt to recruit those lower abs. All of the exercises in this 26-minute workout will use a small pair of 2 lb. dumbbells and ...

  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 5

    This is Day 5 of your 7-Day Pilates Body challenge in Hawaii! The outer hips and thighs will be targeted in this 30-minute full body Pilates workout. The light dumbbells prove to be plenty heavy while we work each muscle to exhaustion. Good Luck!

  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 6

    Day 6 of the 7-Day Pilates Body series focuses on lengthening and stretching all of the muscles that you've been working all week. These Pilates flexibility exercises will also require strength from your powerhouse in order to execute them properly. Lindsay will be teaching you exercises such as ...

  • Lindsay Bushman: 7 Day Pilates Body in Hawaii - Day 7

    Congratulations! You made it to Day 7 of the 7-Day Pilates Body challenge with Lindsay Bushman. This Pilates session is short and spicy, and all about the upper abs in 18-minutes. The workout will begin and end with 100's, but with this beautiful view of Maui, Hawaii, you may just forget that you...

  • Lindsay Bushman: Yoga Flow at Duck Pass

    A 22-minute full body yoga flow by the lake. 

  • Lindsay Bushman: Trampoline Torch

    High energy cardio workout on the mini trampoline. Get ready to break a sweat!

  • Lindsay Bushman: Pilates Weightless Arms

    Have you ever done a weightless arm workout?! Well I'm challenging you to this! See if you can keep your arms up for the full time! It'll burn and it will be awesome!  

  • Lindsay Bushman: Pilates Ball & Ring Abs

    Pilates core workout with Lindsay's two favorite props for double the burn! Grab your Magic Circle and Mini Stability Ball and let's get to it!  

  • Lindsay Bushman: Lower Body on the Vineyard

    A 14-minute bodyweight leg burn that's quick and effective!

  • Lindsay Bushman: Hips, Hams & Quads

    Stretch out your lower half while enjoying the view of Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park.

  • Lindsay Bushman: Foam Roller Abs

    Pilates inspired core workout with the foam roller. The instability of the prop forces you to work harder which will help you get stronger.

  • Lindsay Bushman: Bringing Sexy BACK

    Working the posterior chain is just as important as working the front of the body. We will strengthen our back and improve our posture in this workout. 

  • Lindsay Bushman: Breath Focused Band Abs

    In this workout we will use the breath to deepen our awareness of the abdominals and connect to our core. 

  • Lindsay Bushman: 20 Minute High Intensity Cardio

    20 minutes of cardio drills sprinkled with plyometrics. No down time for a quick and efficient calorie burner!