Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor

Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor

Teyana has created fitness courses designed around the thing she loves to do most. Dance! Teyana's workouts are based on original dance moves to get you the body you want.

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Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor
  • Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor: Don't Ask

    Boxing is a form of workout that Teyana has incorporated into her fitness routines. She truly believes it is one of the best forms of cardio anyone can do! In this boxing inspired workout, Teyana begins the routine with air jump ropes which focuses on arms and upper body. She then progresses into...

  • Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor: Change Your Mind

    Teyana brings you into her living room in this fun to follow cardio workout! Grab a chair or a coffee table for this intense and upbeat Leg and Butt cardiac routine.

    Lower Body Moves:
    Move 1: Roll & Snap
    Move 2: Step Up! Roll & Clap Clap!
    Move 3: Squat & Roll
    Move 4: Step Up
    Move 5: Pu...

  • Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor: Canvas

    This is one of Teyana Taylor's more well rounded workouts with a lower body focus. A mat is necessary for this workout because she takes her ab and core movements to the ground with butt lifts and leg lifts. Teyana then proceeds to use several arm movements leading into squat movements to ensure ...

  • Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor: Mango Twist

    Teyana brings the spice in this cardiac Afro-Caribbean inspired routine that focuses on strengthening the core and building stamina! This is a full body workout so don't forget to breathe and squeeze those abs in between movements.