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BEMAX Fitness

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BEMAX is the fitness brand you trust to bring you the BEST in total body fitness! Work out with the best— the former FIRM Instructors, and build the body you’ve always wanted! If health and fitness are your goals, count on BEMAX to get you there!

BEMAX Fitness
  • Bemax: Level Up 1 - Cardio

    Episode 1

    LEVEL UP 1 is an intense, interval based cardio workout. Emily Welsh leads you through 16 minutes of easy to follow moves done for timed intervals. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) training is introduced in this workout and provides a means of self-pacing so this workout can be done by anyone a...

  • Bemax: Level Up 2 - Body Weight Workout

    Episode 2

    LEVEL UP 2 is a slightly more intense version of Level Up 1. This 16-minute AMRAP workout focuses on larger range of motion movement with higher intensity intervals. Emily Welsh leads you and motivates you to BE your MAX with this self-paced workout. Core work and a cool down follow the AMRAPs to...

  • Bemax: Level Up 3 - Cross Train

    Episode 3

    Level Up 3 is one of our most advanced workouts to date. Alison McLain will lead you through this intense 25-minute timed intervals strength and conditioning workout. These timed intervals allow you to move at your own pace, getting the workout you need, and all the while getting to your MAX inte...