Kenta Seki

Kenta Seki

Kenta Seki is a popular fitness trainer and instructor based out of his hometown of Los Angeles. Health & Fitness have always been the main focus of his life, ever since he began practicing Yoga at age 9. His fascination with the “cool” looking poses transitioned into a career as a Yoga Instructor, and then into a personal trainer.
In the last decade Kenta has been featured in multiple magazines, TV shows, over 100 fitness DVDs, and has taught workshops all around the world. He is most known for his work with Jillian Michaels, who he has proudly been working with for over 6 years.
Kenta is highly sought after for his creative choreography and high energy that he brings to the camera. All of his workouts are challenging and effective for people of all levels, and his fun and positive personality make the workouts seemingly fly by.

He continues to promote Health & Fitness to the world and welcomes anyone that wants to join him on this journey!

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Kenta Seki
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  • Kenta Seki: Hard Core Abs

    18-minutes is all you need for this Hard Core Abs workout with Kenta Seki! All levels welcome & no equipment needed: you'll give your body the attention that it deserves burning and toning your abs from every angle with this quick and complete bodyweight workout. You can use this workout alone fo...