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Induro Virtual

3 Seasons

Choose Induro Virtual workout experiences if you enjoy relaxing sunsets, walks on the beach, trail hiking, exhilarating runs, adrenaline rush rowing, and/or cycling to beautiful locations all over the world. With Induro Virtual you can choose between 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute experiences of all types and destinations. Locations include Singapore, Colorado, Scotland, South Africa, Florida, and more!

Equipment varies for each series and includes treadmills, cycles, rowers, ellipticals, yoga mats, or just a place to clear your mind and de-stress as you meditate. If you don’t have cardio equipment, you can take the Induro Virtual workouts anywhere of your choosing that can offer equipment for each series with the mobile FitFusion app!

Imagine rowing down the Shoshone River in Wyoming, or running in Singapore with the city skyline lighting up the pedestrian trail, cycling in the rolling hills of Scotland, walking the serene beaches of Florida, relaxing to colorful sunsets over the ocean blue, and hiking single track trails in the Colorado Rockies! What ever experience you are looking for... Induro Virtual has your next adventure ready to go!

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Induro Virtual
  • Induro Program Introduction Video Recommended for First Time Users

    Episode 1

    Induro offers a full body, beat based indoor cycling workout. Induro utilizes a 1-5 Resistance and Cadence scale that allows the user to gauge workout intensity. Induro has four different positions and a combination of moves including Rocks, Rolls, Combos, Diamonds, and Attacks. The program intro...

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Alligator Alley, Florida

    Episode 2

    This incredible Everglades parkway was tagged Alligator Alley by the American Automobile Assoc. because it would be useless for cars and an alley for alligators. Ride this adventure and be part of the Everglades cycling over bridges built for wildlife to cross under the road.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Bonita Springs, Florida

    Episode 3

    Known as the Bonita Loop this ride takes you on a loop from Coconut Road down to Immokalee Road to Bonita Beach Road back to Coconut Road. Palm trees, beaches, and southwest Florida road. Full body, beat based ride. 

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Canyon Lake, Arizona

    Episode 4

    Ride along side this popular reservoir of the Salt River and be part of the Superstition Wilderness of the Tonto Nat’l Forest. The beautiful Boulder Canyon Trail runs through this area.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Cape Town, South Africa

    Episode 5

    The ride starts downtown Cape Town, South Africa. The ride is a compilation of road footage and scenic shots taken along the infamous Cape Argus ride held every March along the Cape Peninsula. Induro Commander offers climbs and a massive mid ride downhill blast.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Daytona Beach, Florida

    Episode 6

    Arguably one of the most notable beaches in North America, Daytona Beach does not disappoint. Located in Volusia County, Florida on the Atlantic Coast, this beach is ideal for leisurely walks and relaxing bike rides. This beach provides us an opportunity to introduce all of the Induro positions, ...

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Green Mountain, Colorado

    Episode 7

    Located in Summit County, Colorado, Green Mountain Reservoir is nestled along the Blue River and surrounded by many of the 62 peaks of Colorado’s 600 that reach over 13,000 feet. Take in the majestic views while riding aggressively at the 7,950 foot elevation when the lake is at capacity. This ri...

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Ireland

    Episode 8

    Ireland in the spring is an amazing place to be. This video takes the rider from Dublin (join the St. Patrick’s Day Parade) on the east coast across the midlands to the west coast. Scenic and spectacular, this mainly rural shoreline has charm in abundance and mystical appeal. Induro Commander off...

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Kiedler Forest, England

    Episode 9

    Ride through Northumberland England just three miles from the Scottish border. This trip will take you through the largest manmade forest in England. Two hundred and fifty square miles of which seventy-five percent is forest. Along with the scenic Kielder Water Reservoir the scenery makes for a m...

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Loch Leven, Scotland

    Episode 10

    Travel the circuitous route around the lush banks of this sea lake on the west coast of Scotland starting over the Ballachulish Bridge. Also known as Loch Lyon this loch has nine small islands that serve as the burial places for many Scottish clans.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Express Ride

    Episode 11

    Ride from downtown San Juan to the historic city center of Old San Juan and loop back to downtown San Juan in this quick and explosive Puerto Rican Ride! Full Body, Beat Based Ride.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Orocovis, Puerto Rico

    Episode 12

    This area called Remembrance of First Mountain by the original Indian dwellers is not only the Geographical Center of Puerto Rico but also the Heart of Puerto Rico. This central mountain range has inspired so many songs and singers it is called the Musical Capital of Puerto Rico.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Ozark Mountains, Missouri

    Episode 13

    This ride offers steep and long climbs combined with quick descents set on the border of Missouri and Arkansas deep in the Ozark Mountains. Full body, beat based ride.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Patterdale, England

    Episode 14

    Patterdale or St. Patrick’s dale is truly a cyclist’s valley. Alfred Wainwright’s famous guidebook of the lake District called the Striding Edge path to Helvellyn his favorite route.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

    Episode 15

    This coastal town at the southern end of Baja California Sur along with Cabo San Lucas make up Los Cabos. Dating back to 1730 the Mission San Jose has been a popular resort and sailing stop. As you ride along the beaches you will see one of Mexico’s most spectacular coastlines.

  • Induro Cycling Studio: Top of the Rockies, Colorado

    Episode 16

    This ride is big climbs and quick descents as you ride to elevations over 11,000 feet. Beautiful snow capped mountains and amazing high elevation scenery make this a one of a kind ride. Full Body, Beat Based Ride.