In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Check out FitFusion's featured workouts! Each week, you can find new fitness titles featured In the Spotlight to try and add to your rotation.

In the Spotlight
  • Induro Running: Singapore, Asia - 15 Minute Run

    There is so much to see in this colorful and exuberant virtual running experience set in Singapore, Asia. Start off your run in the daytime as you travel along parks, riverbanks and the city skyline. Finish your run in the lit pathways and bright skyline of the beautiful city. Set your own pace a...

  • Induro Beach Walking with Nature: Naples Pier, Florida - 45 Minute Walk

    Get your treadmill ready as you stroll through next to the crashing waves on the beaches in Florida for a low impact cardio experience from Induro Virtual. This 45 minute crowded beach walk is great for people watching as you venture through the infamous Naples pier. Enjoy the white sands and blu...

  • Induro Cycling with Music: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - 30 Minute Ride

    A 30-minute cycle in one of the top five tourist destinations in Mexico. Enjoy the beauty of Baja California Sur with its magnificent beaches and welcoming surf!

  • Induro Rowing with Music: Shoshone River North, Wyoming - 15 Minute Motion Row

    Get your rowing machine for this exciting cardio experience!The northern section of the Shoshone River located outside of Cody, Wyoming offers a slower start for getting the mind prepared for a physical challenge that is represented as you work your way through gradually increasing rapids. This 1...