In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Check out FitFusion's featured workouts! Each week, you can find new fitness titles featured In the Spotlight to try and add to your rotation.

In the Spotlight
  • Bemax: Core and Restore Stretch

    Core & Restore Stretch is the reward for your work. Join Emily Welsh in this 15-minute core and stretch workout designed to provide the flexibility training we all need, but usually skip and a core workout that will give you the strong core you want. This workout is for all levels and will leave ...

  • Bemax: Core and Restore Strength and Balance

    Core & Restore Strength and Balance will complete your core and balance training in 15 minutes. Alison McLain leads this core focused workout all while training balance, stability, and the lower body. Using a light medicine ball, Alison will lead you through large and small range of motion exerci...

  • Bemax: Core and Restore Stability Ball

    Core & Restore Stability Ball makes working out fun. You’ll hit your core and lower body from a variety of angles in this 20-minute workout from Allie Del Rio. Not only will you feel yourself getting stronger every rep, but you’ll enjoy using the stability ball to make the moves challenging and f...