In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Check out FitFusion's featured workouts! Each week, you can find new fitness titles featured In the Spotlight to try and add to your rotation.

In the Spotlight
  • Mark Moon: Total Body Training - Strong, Stretched and Supercharged

    Feel strong, stretched and supercharged with energy after this full body workout that targets the legs, shoulders, back, arms and core in an energising 30 minute interval training session that finishes with 15 minutes of stretching to promote flexibility and recovery in the body.

  • Mark Moon: Total Body Training - Total Body Sculpt and Sweat

    Who says you need to jump around to get a good cardio workout! This challenging strength and cardio workout will get the heart rate up, while sculpting your legs, back, chest, arms, shoulders and core in this dynamic total body workout.

  • Mark Moon: Total Body Training - Total Body Tight and Toned

    Tighten and tone your shoulders, legs, arms, chest and core in the total-body interval training workout that will leave you feeling energised and ready for your day! You will feel the leg isolation exercises for days to come.

  • Mark Moon: Total Body Training - Fire Up Your Legs and Core

    This lower body focused strength and conditioning workout will be sure to shape and tone your entire body, while paying extra attention to challenging your leg strength with squats, lunges and some plyometrics to that extra fire. All exercises can be easily modified to suit mixed abilities.