Crunch Live

Crunch Live

Crunch Live is an online extension of the collective energy that has been happening for over two decades inside the four walls of all the Crunch gyms across the country each and every day. What we do in our gyms is welcome people of all shapes and sizes to participate in an approach to fitness that is inspiring and engaging. It's an approach to fitness that gives people the tools they need to reach their goals, whatever they may be, and along the way have a whole lot of fun doing it.
Every one of our instructors is truly committed to what we do, and many were inspired to become a part of the Crunch team when they themselves were members taking classes at the gym. Our instructors love what they do because they believe in it. As we do, they believe that working out should be stimulating and engaging, and that feeling welcomed into a class or program with No Judgments is the best way to help people succeed. This is what Crunch's core philosophy has always been and we are fiercely passionate about maintaining it - whether it be in the gym or online. So, welcome to Crunch. We invite you to be a part of this culture and hope that it keeps you moving, shaking, laughing and grooving wherever you may be.

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Crunch Live
  • Crunch Live Presents: Turbo Thigh Toner with Deborah

    Inspired by Pilates, this quick but effective workout combines low-impact cardio with standing exercises that will fire up your inner and outer thighs. Get ready to sculpt lean thighs!

  • Crunch Live Presents: Killer X Butt Burner with Justin

    Grab a set of light weights and get ready to feel the burn! This dynamic quickie workout is great for all levels. Designed to tighten and tone your lower body, you’ll focus on exercises that activate those glute muscles to really target the booty!

  • Crunch Live Presents: Urban Attitudes with LaShawn

    Old School meets New School in this dance based workout that gets your body moving, popping, and waving. You’ll master two easy-to-learn dance combinations that feature a mix of urban street inspired dance moves, with an emphasis on the execution of the movement and the intention behind the movem...

  • Crunch Live Presents: HouseGrooves with Michelle O

    From underground to mainstream, this popular form of dance offers a constant cardio workout that will keep you sweating in style. Learn each and every step of this easy to follow routine that combines aerobic dance, jazz, house & hip-hop moves.