Arianna Santucci

Arianna Santucci

Arianna's yoga journey started when she walked into her first yoga class following an operation that left her almost crippled and unable to walk straight for 3 months. Arianna was hooked and began a regular practice that led to healing herself both physically and mentally. To understand better alignment and to progress in her own practice, she embarked on her first teacher training and so many trainings have followed it.

Arianna teaches from the perspective that all poses are possible. Challenges are there to give you the possibility to overcome them and teach you so much about yourself. Practicing with Arianna will leave you feeling calm with a sense of wholeness.

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Arianna Santucci
  • Arianna Santucci: Flow Yoga - Vinyasa Flow

    In this unique Vinyasa Flow Yoga session, Arianna Santucci guides you through a fluid class linking movement and breath while teaching you correct alignment. In a combination of static and moving postures, this practice will build endurance and strength in the body as well as keep you flexible.

  • Arianna Santucci: Flow Yoga - Hip Opener Flow

    Hip Opener Flow Yoga is a class that will focus on opening and moving deep into the hips. Arianna Santucci starts by heating the body with a variety of sun salutations before she begins focusing on the lower body. With a combination of fluid movements and static stretches Arianna will help you mo...