• Jillian Michaels

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    Jillian Michaels is the world’s leading fitness expert and a renowned life coach. From her hit televisions shows, follow along workouts, 8 New York Times best-selling books, award-winning podcast, live speaking tours, mobile app, popular social media channels and her personal website jillianmicha...

  • Brooke Burke

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    BROOKE BURKE is an author, cancer survivor, entrepreneur, fitness educator, philanthropist, podcast and television host, and women’s health advocate who has been thriving in Hollywood for nearly 30 years. The title she holds dearest, however, is that of mother to her four beautiful children – Ner...

  • Tone It Up

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    Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn are the founders of Tone It Up, a fitness and lifestyle company based in Manhattan Beach, CA. As personal trainers, athletes and best friends, they share that living a healthy lifestyle can be exciting and leave you eager to keep coming back for more.

    Tone & Shr...

  • Tara Stiles

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    Tara Stiles, author of Slim Calm Sexy, star of Yoga Anywhere DVD series, the new face of fitness for Jane Fonda's WORKOUT series, and personal yoga instructor to Deepak Chopra, founded Strala to provide an authentic form of yoga that clears the body and mind, and brings you back to your self.


  • Zuzka Light

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    Zuzka Light is an author and one of the biggest influencers in health and fitness. She started her career as a fitness expert in 2008 when she co-created BodyRockTV brand which allowed her to garner an adamant fan base worldwide. Her popularity on YouTube brought her to LA in 2012, where she shot...

  • Cassey Ho

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    Creator of the POP Pilates video series, Cassey Ho has one of the largest online fan bases of any celebrity with almost one million subscribers and her Blogilates Pilates blog is one of the premiere destinations for info on the subject. She has appeared on dozens of talk shows and was recently na...

  • Fade2Fit with Teyana Taylor

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    Teyana has created fitness courses designed around the thing she loves to do most. Dance! Teyana's workouts are based on original dance moves to get you the body you want.

  • Kenta Seki

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    Kenta Seki is a popular fitness trainer and instructor based out of his hometown of Los Angeles. Health & Fitness have always been the main focus of his life, ever since he began practicing Yoga at age 9. His fascination with the “cool” looking poses transitioned into a career as a Yoga Instructo...

  • Piloxing by Viveca Jensen

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    Viveca Jensen is a world-renown celebrity trainer and fitness expert. The PILOXING® brand was born of this Sweden-born multi-talented trainer’s deep fitness training and experience. Viveca’s rich array of disciplines includes a Masters in Dance and training with the prestigious Stockholm Ballet A...

  • Basheerah Ahmad

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    Celebrity Fitness Expert is a woman who understands what it takes to impact the lives of others. Her love for performing and working with inner city youth, led her to receive the coveted title of Miss Black America in 1996. Basheerah spent her reigning year traveling the country promoting Healthy...

  • Crunch Live

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    Crunch Live is an online extension of the collective energy that has been happening for over two decades inside the four walls of all the Crunch gyms across the country each and every day. What we do in our gyms is welcome people of all shapes and sizes to participate in an approach to fitness th...

  • Elle Young

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    Elle Young, Chicago native and former NBA dancer, is a veteran instructor who's passion for fitness began with competitive taekwondo and track. Featured on KABC7, KTLA5, American Fitness Magazine, MarieClaire, and the L.A. Times, she appeared as the Wellness Coach of "PowerTV" for the American He...

  • Groov3 by Benjamin Allen

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    Benjamin Allen is an industry insider with over 13 years in the business. His vibrant personality and fresh originality brings a unique style that has inspired people throughout the world. As a dancer, he has performed on TV in the Kid's Choice, People's Choice and American Music Awards as well ...

  • Jennifer Nicole Lee

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    "It's my goal and passion to increase the quality of your lifestyle." -JNL
    Jennifer Nicole Lee is a highly sought-after spokes model, fitness celebrity, bestselling author, and successful entrepreneur. Being one of the world's most accomplished Super Fitness Models, Ms. Lee is internationally r...

  • Caroline Sandry

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    Caroline Sandry is a fully qualified Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher and personal trainer. With an established career as a fitness presenter and writer Caroline regularly contributes for many magazines including Women’s Running, Ultra Fit, WeightWatchers, and has featured in women’s magazines such ...

  • Ilyse Baker

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    Meet Ilyse Baker, a woman whose personality is as contagious and charismatic as her enthusiasm for fitness and dance. Creator of the dance fitness program Dancinerate®, Ilyse is a celebrity trainer and one of the most sought after dance instructors in America. Ilyse is the lead talent and sole ch...

  • Charlotte Ord

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    As a certified personal trainer, former coach of the UK’s Biggest Loser, and a gym owner, Charlotte Ord has a strong background in fitness. In addition to her physical qualifications, Charlotte has a doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Regent’s University, London, and is a HCPC-registered Co...

  • Julie Montagu

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    Julie Montagu is one of London's top yoga and nutrition teachers, as well as an author of three international best-selling wellness books. She was recently named one of the Top 10 Holistic Health Icons in the world. Join Julie Montagu on FitFusion in "Yoga For Beginners" - perfect for the student...

  • Induro Virtual

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    Choose Induro Virtual workout experiences if you enjoy relaxing sunsets, walks on the beach, trail hiking, exhilarating runs, adrenaline rush rowing, and/or cycling to beautiful locations all over the world. With Induro Virtual you can choose between 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute experiences of all ty...

  • Ballet Fitness by Jennee McCormick

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    Ballet Blast is a dance-based workout that blends ballet, fitness and Pilates inspired movements done at an energetic, calorie burning pace. Get ready to move! The Plié section will slim your booty, tone your thighs, and blast the calories! The Cardio Ballet will keep you moving while elongating ...

  • Sleek Technique

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    Each sequence is designed to raise your heart rate and make you sweat, so you burn calories, melt off the pounds and create lean muscle mass. Combining the major movements from ballet with fitness firming exercises, these workouts will keep you healthy and trim, giving you the ballerina figure yo...

  • Nadia Narain

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    Nadia is a leading teacher of yoga in the UK and is sought after by students and celebrities from Kate Moss to Reese Witherspoon amongst many others for her powerful straightforward teachings. One of Nadia’s main goals is to safely teach yoga to people so they can restore balance back into their ...

  • Caroline Pearce

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    Caroline Pearce is a former International athlete and UK TV Gladiator. Currently, she is a fitness trainer, sports scientist, TV sports presenter, published author, nutrition consultant and DVD presenter! All through her busy career, Caroline has had to maintain the highest fitness levels possibl...

  • Erica Ziel

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    Erica Ziel is the creator of Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal and After Baby DVD’s and Digital Programs, author of the newly released book “The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy”, has been featured in, and contributed to many publications including; The New York Times, Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy New...