BEMAX Fitness

BEMAX Fitness

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BEMAX is the fitness brand you trust to bring you the BEST in total body fitness! Work out with the best— the former FIRM Instructors, and build the body you’ve always wanted! If health and fitness are your goals, count on BEMAX to get you there!

BEMAX Fitness
  • Bemax 101: Floor Workout

    Episode 1

    Alison McLain takes you through the basics of lower body training with BEMAX 101: Floor Workout. Use just your body weight or any range of dumbbells to create the best workout for you. Follow Alison for perfect form technique and learn when and how to get the MAX results for your butt, hips, and ...

  • Bemax: BEMAX 101: Chest & Triceps

    Episode 2

    Get the strong arms and upper body you want with Alison in BEMAX 101: Chest & Triceps. Using your body weight and/or challenging Dumbbells for your level, master the proper form for basic chest and triceps exercises and tone your arms and upper body in the process! Because this workout is appropr...

  • Bemax 101: Low Impact Cardio

    Episode 3

    Alison McLain gets your blood flowing and the body warm in this fat burning low impact cardio workout. Using simple, large range of motion moves, you will move to increase the heart rate and a moderate pace to burn calories and get into better cardiovascular shape! Pair this workout with any othe...